Salute Zero Seven LotR game in 90mm

John Treadaway
aragorn and witch king aragorn solo fadied frodo fading frodo frodo fighting a nazgul frodo solo
aragorn and witc... aragorn solo.jpg fadied frodo.jpg fading frodo.jpg frodo fighting a... frodo solo.jpg
gandalf and hobbits escape gandalf and witch king gandalf solo glorfindel and the witch king glorfindel and the witch king close glorfindel solo
gandalf and hobb... gandalf and witc... gandalf solo.jpg glorfindel and t... glorfindel and t... glorfindel solo.jpg
gothmog solo invisible frodo khamul solo lord of the nazgul solo merry and pippin solo nazgul support riders
gothmog solo.jpg invisible frodo.jpg khamul solo.jpg lord of the nazg... merry and pippin... nazgul support r...
orcs rearing witch king solo sam and bill solo sam fighting a nazgul same bill and  mounted witch king same bill and  mounted witch king close
orcs.jpg rearing witch ki... sam and bill sol... sam fighting a n... same bill and m... same bill and m...
warg rider
warg rider.jpg