At the Pinata Paul gives it his best
Photos taken by various people including Tony Hibble, Fiona and John - Click on thumbnails to enlarge
More Pinata And another go at the Pinata from Julie... Fi and Carron consider beverage choices Darren and Peter H discussing computer systems. Probably... Alan and Linda Round Tablers David braces himself while Jock tells him what he's doing wrong in life. Alan's already asleep... Gemma amusing the children while Julie looks on Jock now assumes the role of King Ramage and his round table King Ramage's knights Corinne, Roz, David, Angus and Julie Jock holds forth. Julie and Linda look on in amazement Tim, Andy and Alan disccuss comedy shirts and what on earth Tim is wearing as an inflatable hat
Carron takes a swing at the Pinata Darren Meldrum, Susan (John's neice) and her husband Austin with Peter, John's nephew
At Fi and John’s party were:
Mark Winkless, Peter Harrison, Julie Johnston
and Angus, Darren and Justine Meldrum and
family, Dave and Diane Bevan and family, Jez
Plumridge and Tash with their new addition, Ian
‘Jock’ Ramage, Alan Marques and Linda
Newton, Ben Roberts, Tim Atkinson and Corinne
Svoboda, Kevin Dallimore and Caroline Perress,
Ivan and Carron Congreve, Peter Treadaway
and his sister Susan McCloud and Austin
McCloud, Alison Bonner and Ross Green, David
Harvey and Roz Day, Paul Sharville, Des Austin,
Ray Garguilo and Lynn, Mick Penver with Anna
and Natasha, Tony Hibble, Declan Canning and
his Fiancé Mary, Nicola, Justin and Simon Mooi
(with assorted friends), Anne-Marie Ricardi and
her daughter Lauren, Andy Flood with Gemma
and their little ‘un, Karen and Neil Morrison and
probably some others we’ve forgotten to