Chester and Cosford

John Treadaway

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Fi and I went to Chester and Cosford for a long weekend. Chester because we'd never been - and I desperately wanted to see the hypercaust in the basement of Spud-u-like - and Cosford because (on the basis of 'third time lucky') we really wanted to see the Vulcan fly!

Well Fly it did, along with the odd other interesting plane (though not many, it has to be said). The museum was good - thought the new hanger is far too stuffed with planes to be useful. The hotel was nice (but with an uncomfortable bed and 19th century plumbing) and surrounded by cows. Chester was really nice with its collenaded shopping streets and the FJ performed as flawlessly as it always seems to: a masterpiece from Mr Yamaha. We took a trip on a motor boat on the river (I felt like Hammy the Hamster) and Chester's thrills were completed with some quite low rent Romans in the amphitheatre entertaining children and educating them in history (so a worthy cause at least).

But the Vulcan was splendid! WOW!!!

188 airbrakes appache appache2 appache3 appache4 arena
188 airbrakes.jpg appache.jpg appache2.jpg appache3.jpg appache4.jpg arena.jpg
bb flight bear in room black vrod chester east gate chester view from the gate chester1
bb flight.jpg bear in room.jpg black vrod.jpg chester east gat... chester view fro... chester1.jpg
chester2 chinook1 chinook2 chinook3 chinook4 comet1
chester2.jpg chinook1.jpg chinook2.jpg chinook3.jpg chinook4.jpg comet1.jpg
cows dancers fi and bikes fi and hanger fi drinking fi drinking 2
cows.jpg dancers.jpg fi and bikes.jpg fi and hanger.jpg fi drinking.jpg fi drinking 2.jpg
fi drinking 3 fi in chester fi on the walls fi on the walls 2 fj at hotel hotel
fi drinking 3.jpg fi in chester.jpg fi on the walls.jpg fi on the walls ... fj at hotel.jpg hotel.jpg
javellin1 javellin2 john drinking lightning1 lightning2 lynx
javellin1.jpg javellin2.jpg john drinking.jpg lightning1.jpg lightning2.jpg lynx.jpg
mig21 radar reflection river drive river snog rivertrip1
mig21.jpg radar.jpg reflection.jpg river drive.jpg river snog.jpg rivertrip1.jpg
rivertrip10 rivertrip11 rivertrip2 rivertrip3 rivertrip4 rivertrip5
rivertrip10.jpg rivertrip11.jpg rivertrip2.jpg rivertrip3.jpg rivertrip4.jpg rivertrip5.jpg
rivertrip6 rivertrip7 rivertrip8 rivertrip9 rivertripon the phone rivertripswans
rivertrip6.jpg rivertrip7.jpg rivertrip8.jpg rivertrip9.jpg rivertripon the ... rivertripswans.jpg
romans1 romans2 romans3 room with a view russian_models spudulike1
romans1.jpg romans2.jpg romans3.jpg room with a view... russian_models.jpg spudulike1.jpg
spudulike2 spudulike3 sr53 tsr21 tsr22 typhoon1
spudulike2.jpg spudulike3.jpg sr53.jpg tsr21.jpg tsr22.jpg typhoon1.jpg
typhoon2 typhoon3 valiant victor vulcan1 vulcan2
typhoon2.jpg typhoon3.jpg valiant.jpg victor.jpg vulcan1.jpg vulcan2.jpg
vulcan3 vulcan4 yellow rocket
vulcan3.jpg vulcan4.jpg yellow rocket.jpg