Read this first...

Catch me when you can is a programme paragraph game based on the hunt for that most notorious of murderers, Jack the Ripper. During the game - starting with the introduction below - you will move through different possibilities and outcomes. Click on the red words in the text to navigate. The decisions you make and the luck you have will determine your course and conclusion. Collect clues along the way and tick them off in the Clues Box left, retaining them for future use in the game.

Will you solve the riddle of the murderer's identity? Will you stop him before he kills again? Use your skill and judgement - and the luck of the "Randomiser" - below - to find out.

This one is just an example but - within the adventure - if you click on the randomiser you'll be the recipient of a poke from the fickle finger of fate!
But if you don't succeed first time - or even if you do - try again: who knows how many blackhearted maniacs are prowling the streets of old London town...

Play Tips

Try to avoid using the back button on your menu bar if you are unsuccessful: you'll have more fun restarting the adventure and pursuing it - using the red words and the Randomiser - through its many twists and turns!

So hit Play below and start the investigation!

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