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South London Warlords

CLICK HERE: to go to the website of the South London Warlords The Wargaming Club which hosted Rolling Hot
Ground Zero Games


01449 722 322

PO Box 337 IP6 8LN
Resin vehicles and metal figures.
Accessories and stowage.
Resin buildings.
Various scales including 25mm, 15mm and 1/300th
Virtually all of the resin vehicles used in the game were supplied by GZG. Some of those used are, however, no longer in production and all have been modified or added to in some fashion. This manufacturer's range is extensive.

Most of the 25mm figures used for Rolling Hot were also produced by GZG.
Denizen Miniatures www3.mistral.co.uk/denizen
Metal figures
The K'hiff infantry and the Thunderbolt Division figures were all manufactured by Denizen Miniatures. This manufacturer's excellent range is a small one (which is not, currently, expanding) containing a number of SF types including fully suited SF marines.
EMA 01932 228228
Plastic architectural model supplies and metal mesh.
This manufacturer has a vast range in various scales and sells mostly to schools, colleges and industry, supplying architectural and 'prototyping' materials. EMA's products were invaluable for Rolling Hot: for example the piping used on the "industrial" buildings used in the game is almost entirely EMA (with the odd drinking straw). The Combat car splinter shields and tank stowage bustles were all made from EMA's excellent etched brass mesh. Also used were ladders (and caged ladders), girders and stair cases.

In addition, EMA make 'regular' scenic items - trees, grass mat etc. Anyone serious about wargames terrain should pay for a catalogue and price list. Expect delivery charges and minimum order costs.
Marbeth 01283 814984
26 The Park Pale Tutbury, Burton on Trent Staffs DE13 9LB
Resin vehicles.
Accessories and stowage.
  This manufacturer makes an excellent range of resin vehicles. They tend to be large - nearer to the size needed for "Games Workshop" style 25mm than the GZG range - that is, built for 30 - 32mm. But the casting quality is excellent and the weapons packs very useful.
Old Crow 020 8773 4428
110a High Street
Resin vehicles.
Accessories and stowage.
This manufacturer also makes an excellent range of resin vehicles. They vary in size from ones easily compatable with the GZG size, to some in a larger "Worrkshop" 25mm size. Casting quality is superb - some have been purchased and will be on the table as soon as they can be painted!
Film Sales 020 8311 2000

145 Nathan Way Industrial Estate Woolwich London SE28 0BE
Plastic Card manufacturers
  Building several of the large items for Rolling Hot - like the bridge, for example - used lots of styrene plastic sheet in large sections. Film Sales make these materials in big sizes (typically 1370mm x 660mm) which they will deliver to your door, in various thickness' (and even colours) that just cant be obtained in high street model shops.

Most of the buildings were made from 3mm sheet and the main span of the bridge was (funnily enough) 660mm wide. Expect delivery charges and minimum order costs - but, if you are using lots of plasticard, these are the people to call.
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