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The Dalek Empire has been fighting with another space-going power for several centuries, the robotic Movellans. The war has reached a stalemate as each side being completely logical can not out manoeuvre the other in combat, so both sides desperately start seeking a way to break the deadlock.

The Daleks have sent a taskforce to the now long abandoned planet of Skaro to attempt to retrieve Davros - the original scientist who genetically engineered them from the humanoid Kaleds. Unfortunately for the Daleks, a Movellan ship is sent to investigate the Dalek operations on Skaro and after some interference from the renegade Timelord known as the Doctor, the Humans take Davros prisoner.

Simultaneously - perhaps as a consequence of retrieving Davros’ original laboratory records - the Movellans create a viral bio-weapon, that attacks certain genetic material unique to the Dalek genome. In fact there is some small speculation that the plague was actually originally a Dalek weapon such as that used in the conquest of Earth 2150AD. Dalek organics exposed to the Movellan weapon rapidly manifest growths that erupt discharging a white puss. The Dalek in question expires shortly: The Daleks start losing the war very badly.

Meanwhile Davros stands trial and is found guilty of crimes against sentient life, but as a demonstration that compassion is a trait to be valued in life forms, is not sentenced to death and instead is sentenced to spend the rest of time in suspended animation. Davros is then moved to an automated holding facility on an obscure planet, so remote it doesn’t have an official name merely the catalogue entry DCG-745.

At this point, the Human year is 4500, and the sentients populating the galaxy known as Mutter’s Spiral forget Davros and move on to other pursuits. Over the next 80 years various factions of Daleks make several attempts to retrieve Davros to aid in their war against the Movellans. (The game is based on one such attempt, more of which later)

As with all things, it seems simple so far, however the Daleks have discovered wormholes in space-time that they call "Time Corridors". This complicates the timestream considerably.
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We pick up Davros’ story some 80 years after his initial capture, the humans have moved him onto a deep space station.

The Movellans have all but wiped out the Daleks, the remainder having scattered around the galaxy in small groups in an effort to minimise risk of contagion from the Movellan plague. There is little communication between these Dalek Factions and over time the leader of each faction comes to believe itself to be the only supreme Dalek.

On the Space Station, Davros is exposed to the Movellan Virus. Perhaps because he originally used much of his own genetic material to create the Daleks, he to is affected, though not terminally and manages to leave in an escape pod just before the station is destroyed.

Davros makes his way to Necros the funeral planet where his genetic manipulation skills allow him to forge a reputation as "The Great Healer" while in fact using the remains sent to Necros to engineer a new race of Daleks with enhanced technology. There he is captured by another Dalek faction and taken back to Skaro, the Dalek home planet.

click here to see it big!Back on Skaro, Davros is forced to improve the faction, which becomes known as the Imperial Daleks, both genetically and technologically. The Imperial Daleks however underestimate him and Davros manages to replace the Emperor Dalek, by creating new Imperial Daleks loyal only to him, the old order of Daleks flee Skaro and start plotting their revenge.

In anger, Davros dispatches a task force of Imperial Daleks back through a Time Corridor to rescue his earlier self from the Humans. As is usual with Davros he gives little thought to the disruption this will cause in the time-stream.

This once again brings him to the attentions of the Timelords who dispatch their Agent the Doctor to put an end to the Daleks once and for all, but Davros escapes the destruction of Skaro to rebuild his army of Daleks once more…

This is all true at the time of writing, however remember the outpost on DCG-745? Davros is being held frozen in stasis in a completely automated installation.

The year is now 4504 in Human reckoning and - on the obscure rock called DCG-745 - several groups of Daleks converge on the outpost.

The leader of one of the scattered bands of Daleks has deduced that Davros as the original genetic engineer can modify the Daleks to be resistant to the Movellan plague, and so the retrieval of Davros becomes paramount and a force is dispatched. These Daleks may be identified by their Silver and Blue external colouring, with a Black Commander.

Another group uncovers early Dalek records, which proves that Davros tried to control the Daleks, they also learn of other faction’s plans’ and decide on the destruction of Davros – and a search and destroy squad is dispatched. These Daleks may be identified by their Grey and Black external colouring. They have a black Commander.

The Movellans have captured a number of high-ranking Daleks (including some members of the Supreme Council) during the war, and as part of their interrogation, have modified these with mind control implants. The Movellans deduce that the Daleks will again attempt to retrieve Davros and cannot allow this as it will alter the balance of power in the Dalek war - they dispatch the modified Daleks to destroy Davros. These Daleks do not have consistent external colouring, as the Movellans did not consider it relevant.

Yet another group of Daleks have discovered the Movellan plan to control use mind-control technology on captured Daleks and are determined to retrieve Davros to save him from the Movellans and a Dalek taskforce is dispatched. These Daleks may be identified by their Silver and Black external colouring and have a gold commander.

If all this was not enough, the Emperor Dalek from the far future has managed to open a Time Corridor to DCG-745 and dispatch a small Imperial Dalek taskforce back in time to rescue Davros from his tormentors. These Imperial Daleks may be identified by their Cream and Gold external colouring. These will be umpire controlled.

Of course there is still one small extra consideration, Davros’ ego and the subsequent unrestrained use of the Dalek time travel technology has caused a serious weakening of the fabric of space-time in the area around DCG-745. Time Corridors to wildly different parts of space-time are being created and destroyed spontaneously, most open onto open space but some intersect with the surface of inhabited planets. So who knows what will turn up?…

Note: Destroying Davros and retrieving/ rescuing him are achieved in much the same way. Shooting him, in the usual fashion, will destroy him (although he’s a tricky target…). Rescue is effected by a Dalek from the relevant faction who finishes the end of an activation turn in an adjacent square to Davros expending that team’s next available activation chit (if one is available for that team) placing a transponder on Davros. He is then assumed to be ‘Transmatted’ away by that faction. Whichever faction destroys or Transmats away Davros first wins the scenario.