Scarlet Road Rage - a game for the future
We are Werelords, hear us howl. Not... A Challenger 2 and a Corgi SPV for scale. Oh and a Smart Car... Side on with the tracks down. The front hatch pops open and fires a missile just like the old Dinky one by pushing the front suspension down. Look at the sizes of the figures: I think that’s pretty close! Side on with the “Forces of Valour” Challenger. The tracks are still rubber bands but nicely moulded.
Scale Nazi - Captain Scarlet in a world of intolerance
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I have a bit of a reputation as a ‘Scale Nazi’. That’s not to say, necessarily,
that I’m an exact replica of a member of the Nationalsozialistische party in
a reduced size (or even an increased size, I guess…). What I mean is I
have a thing about things on the table top being in the same scale.
I’ve been trying to work out what my problems are in this area and I guess
the closest I can come is that – the further scales of our ‘models’ are
apart, then the more it seems like ‘just playing with toys’ and the less
comfortable I am with that (harking back, no doubt, to my days as a child
when you played with toys of all different sizes and scales and didn’t care:
I guess I’m frightened of the criticism levelled at me/us that all we do is
play with toys). Anyway…
The point is that I can’t seem to shake it out of my head. Pete Merritt
brought a nice die-cast T62 with crew and – after some discussion about
he crew being too big (I disagreed with that) out came the ruler and the
books and I found out to my smug satisfaction that they were all pretty
much spot on: 1/50th crew and 1/50th tank.
So that’s the downside: my smug satisfaction - which is pretty hard for me
to live with, never mind anyone else. The positive side is – for those that
care, I guess – that I’m always on the lookout for things that fit together,
scale wise.
Anyone who saw Captain Scarlet as a kid and (maybe, like me) bought
the DVD set of the originals when it came out, always loved the Spectrum
Pursuit Vehicle: the SPV. I had the Dinky one and fun it was too. Recently
there has been a rash of interest on the subject of Anderson related stuff
and I’m as keen as anyone could be (hence the UFO game re-launch).
But Corgi recently released a version of the old SPV that is smaller than
the Dinky one.