Scarlet Thunder pictures Scarlet Thunder pictures Scarlet Thunder pictures Scarlet Thunder pictures Scarlet Thunder pictures
Finishing touches
The set up
The game underway
The road
The players
Figures painted by Graham Green. Vehicles by John Treadaway. Buildings and photography by Kevin Dallimore and John Treadaway
Try out game at the Warlords Club Hall photography by Ivan Congreve and John Treadaway
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At Salute
The game at the Salute 2012
The game ran well on the day. Transportation was achieved by using two cars fort he scenery and toys, the most difficult pieces being the large, flat road sections. However, with suitable estate car capacity, these 1.2m by 1m lumps of (50mm thick) pink foam made the journey without a hitch. We ran the game either four or five times on the day (we lost track!) and - having a core team with spare capacity it meant hat most of us got a little time off to look around the show (I managed two half hour chunks away from the table). Set up was a little fraught - getting the rolling road to truly ‘roll’ on its little lego wheels meant getting the tables set up carefully and a cloth tensioned across the whole length underneath (and held in place with gaffer tape) but we got there in the end. What it did mean, however, was that - teamed with the game’s popularity - the only time (and space) I had to photograph the game was before we actually started playing in the last ten minutes before we opened, so I have borrowed some pictures from other people’s websites and blogs to fill in the gaps. So thanks for that go to 6 Mil Phil and Tomsche from Antverpica, Belgium.
The game at Salute 2012
The game of  protecting the Earth from the dreaded Mysterons
Scarlet Thunder pictures
The Tollbooths
Salute Gallery Rolling Road video
More Salute pictures
Youtube video of the ‘rolling road’