The game is based on the board game Thunder Road - a vaguely Mad Max racing through the desert family game. The rules have been adapted to the Captain Scarlet background. Players start with two vehicles each - an SPV (a blue, heavy multi-wheeled vehicle) and an SPC (a red patrol car). They race down a part of the motorway towards London Airport escorting the white MSV (Maximum Security Vehicle) past lines of everyday traffic (in both directions) negotiating jams and ‘Sunday drivers’. However, every turn one player at random will be Mysteronised and turned against his colleagues. In his turn, he may gain control of the already Mysteronised Spectrum helicopter and also ‘turn’ innocent members of the public in their cars or going about their lawful business driving their commercial vehicles against their fellow earthlings, using their cars as battering rams or firing weapons at the World president’s vehicle or the other players’ Spectrum vehicles. The other players may retaliate against the Mysteronised members of the public and their former colleagues while they also move their vehicles towards the airport and take turns moving the Colonel’s MSV. All moves take place on the ‘rolling road’ base that has been manufactured  by the club members specifically for this game. All vehicles are around 1/50th scale. or so...
A classic AC Cobra The Spectrum Helijet Is that Ed Straker?
The game is set in the world of 2068 and based on the Anderson TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. The theme of the show was that Earth is being attacked by aliens intent on revenge for the earth expidition that destroyed one of their cities on Mars. The Mysteron race - non corporeal and utterly strange - have the power of retro- metabolism: the ability to put matter back together after it is destroyed. When they do this, the matter - be it a vehicle or a person - is under the control of the Mysterons and act as their agent in their war against the Earth. Spectrum is the organisation that has been set up to stop their evil plan...
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Game mechanics in Scarlet Thunder What’s the system?
   The game of  protecting the Earth from the dreaded Mysterons
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