P6b "Egalite II" APC

The P6b Egalite II
Manufacturer: Panhard, Terra
Mass: 39 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 5.2m; width 3.0m; height 3.8m
Armour: Steel/Ceramic composite
Power Source: Gas Turbine
Propulsion: 6 wheel drive on punctureless tyres
Top Speed: 85kph
Amphibious: No
Crew: 2 (+4 person Infantry squad)
Offensive Systems:
Main Weapon: 5cm Powergun
Secondary Weapon: 2cm Tri-barrel

The P6b Egalite II viewed from the top showing the 2cm Tri-barrel
Defensive Systems: Limited capacity, Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Low to Medium
In use with: Compagnie de Barthe, K'hiff militia
Egalite II (front) and Egalite I (rear)
One of this manufacturer's large range of wheel driven 'armoured cars', the Egalite II performs the role of both APC and an tank destroyer and is an attempt to improve on other vehicles from this manufacturer. As such it is slightly more successful than either the previous models (the P6 and P6a).

Armour is not thick though employing the larger hull from the Egalite I, internal space is still limited so - alongside the two crew members - there is only space for half an infantry squad. This is because of the large tank turret (as fitted to the Panther tank and bought in from manufacturer Henschel) which intrudes somewhat into the main compartment. Furthermore, access and, more specifically, egress for these infantry is restricted and convoluted.

The main weapon - a 5cm High Velocity Power gun - is very effective against a range of targets, though powering it is problematic as the vehicle does not use a fusion bottle. Consequentially, this is armed via ion batteries.

Defence is poor against all but small arms: point defence is limited but local defence has been increased with an effective 2cm Powergun tri-barrel replacing the Flechette Machine Gun featured on older models. Armour is still thin.

Like others in Panhard's range, where the vehicle scores is on value for money: the system delivers a big 'punch' with it's main weapon, fully capable of destroying all but the biggest tanks. The vehicle is quite fast over most terrain and, as one commander said, "it may not be a blower but - when dealing with indigs it can at least outrun the locals…"
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