The Thunderbolt Division

Thunderbolt Infantry with Buzz bomb launcher and side arms along side a Hetzer of the Compagnie de Barthe
Well trained but not so well equipped Mercenaries sub contracted by the Compagnie de Barthe to supply additional vehicles like the Maus heavy tank and Jaeger tank destroyer.

Air defence is based around the Vulcan and they also use a selection of wheeled APCs.

Thunderbolt Infantry also use cone bore side arms
Rear view of the storage on a Maus tank, as employed by the Thunderbolt Division
Thunderbolt Division female officer calls for a report Infantry fight mostly with Cone-bore weapons for the most part. These are heavy with a long range and a large recoil (to the point where few of the troopers fire them on full auto).

They fire an osmium penetrator down a squeeze bore barrel made of synthetic diamond (with a shroud around the barrel to stop it burning one's hand) with good optical sights meaning the range of the weapons is long. They are powerful enough to go right through one of the APC's ('the long way').
Support weapons feature heavier Cone-bores, automatic grenade launchers and buzz bombs. The infantry use clamshell armour (like the Slammers) but not as universally. They do use 'chameleon' pattern fatigues, however, that conform to the local surroundings.
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