The K'hiff

A K'hiff sniper with supporting infantry
The K'hiff are the Indigenous population of Hurate's World.

Canine humanoids, these people eek out a meagre existance in their forested world, practicing their Karr-shace religion and (recently) defending themselves against an invasion supported by mercenaries - Hammer's Slammers.

Ready to fire a Buzz-bomb
A K'hiff religious leader - or "Top-Dog"
Equipped mostly with flechette weapons and the occasional Powergun - often to be found in the hands of snipers.

Support comes from Buzz-bombs - rocket propelled grenades. Also widely used amongst the tribes are multi shot grenade launchers.
K'hiff with multi shot grenade launcher
K'hiff with rifle K'hiff firing a Buzz-bomb
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