Slammers Infantry

Infantry in convoy with Skimmers and Jeeps
The infantry and vehicle crew wear body armour featuring comms links with Head Up Displays inside helmet visors.

2cm Powergun assault rifle
Using the comms link and Head Up Display
Firing a Buzz-bomb These wear body armour and carry the best side arms available: usually Powerguns - plasma generating weapons, fed by ammunition wafers and cooled with liquid nitrogen. 1cm calibre pistols and 1cm submachine guns for officers (and tank crew), 2cm assault rifles for most everyone else.
Other weapons carried might include grenade launchers and Buzz-bombs. All personnel - both vehicle crew and infantry - wear plain khaki fatigues under their segmented, ceramic body armour. They ride Skimmers into combat and usually dismount to fight (like dragoons).

They ride Skimmers into combat
2cm Powergun assault rifle
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