Slammers "Blower"

Main weapon firing, the mine laying mortar is clearly visible at the front of the tank
Manufacturer: Icarus Industries, Terra
Mass: 170 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 9.m; width 4.1m; height (to top of turret) 3.2m
Armour: Cast Iridium
Power Source: Fusion Bottle
Propulsion: 8 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed: 120kph

Stowage is always a problem on armoured vehicles
Max Lift: 0.5 metre
Amphibious: No
Crew: 2
Offensive Systems:

Stowage is always a problem on armoured vehicles
Main Gun: 20cm Powergun
Secondary Weapon: 2cm Tri-barrel Powergun; Ground penetrator rockets
Defensive Systems: Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines; Mine-clearing net launcher
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Very High
In use with: Hammer's Slammers
This Blower has had an aditional tri-barrel welded to the front of the hull for the driver's use as a "field modification"

Icarus Industries, of Hamburg, Terra, make the most powerful tank in use in state armies or mercenary companies. They have the best combination of speed, armour and firepower available anywhere and are much sought after by those organisations that can afford to use them. Organisations like the Slammers.

The massively thick, cast iridium hulls of the "Blower" are left in dull, bare metal but the skirts beneath the hull are made of thick steel and form a plenum chamber. The 'Blower' has a crew of two. The single crew person in the turret itself is fitted with a stowage basket at rear.

The Driver's position is central at the front of the hull, beneath the turret front with an access hatch and vision blocks. The turret has a cupola with vision blocks on the roof for the commander/gunner with a 2cm Tri-barrel Powergun (a 'gatling' style weapon firing explosive plasma from black plastic, disk shaped, ammunition with a very, very flat trajectory).

This is fitted on a ring, with the magazine feed coming up through it's swivel mount. There is a conical shaped Sensor array on the roof of the turret behind the (central) commanders hatch. They also feature radio aerials, usually painted red on Hammer's tanks.

TOP VIEWTri-barrelCommander's hatchSensor domeStowage in bustleIntake fansIntake fans20cm Power-gunAnti-mine mortar (closed)Intake fansHeat dissipation radiatorDriver's hatch
The Tank's Main gun is a short barrelled (3m long) 20cm Powergun - although not a 'gatling', otherwise like the cupola mounted weapon but on a bigger scale: The Tank carries around 800 rounds for the main gun, with 20 rounds of main ammo in a 'ready bin'. These 20 rounds can be fired in as many seconds but if this rate of fire is kept up, barrel damage is likely to occur. FRONT VIEWAnti-mine mortar (closed)
This weapon is highly effective against armour, and - as the plasma 'bolt' explodes on impact - is effective against most other targets, however it is not so effective against bunkers and other 'dug in' targets as it has limited penetration: it tends to explode on the first thing it hits and so the 20 shot magazine is used to fast fire the weapon at targets with some 'cover' to eat away at the defences. REAR VIEWHeat dissipation radiator
SIDE VIEW: This Blower has had an aditional tri-barrel welded to the front of the hull for the driver's use as a "field modification"Secondary tri-barrel (field modification)Anti buzz-bomb strips
The main Power Gun has a very flat trajectory and the range of this weapon is only limited by line of site. Under control from central it can be used to take out satellites in orbit.

The tanks are powered by a fusion power plant at the hull rear which lifts its 170 tonnes mass on eight armoured fans (hence the name 'Blowers') with shielded intakes in the upper hull. Speeds of up to 120 kph can be achieved on paved surfaces.

Tanks hover only centimetres above the terrain using 'ground effect' but are too heavy to cross open water. They are defended against infantry close assault and 'Buzz-bombs' - hand held RPG style weapons fired from close range - by strips of explosive armour - rather like 'claymores' (the mines, not the swords) - which can be set off automatically by radar or by command from the crew, and are positioned along the sides of the vehicle at waist height.

The 'Blower' - as used by Hammer's Slammers - is the best tank available anywhere.
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