Panzerkampfwagen 60 "Maus"

The armour on the Maus is well sloped and thick
Manufacturer: Henschel, Terra
Mass: 160 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 9.1m; width 3.9m; height (to top of turret) 3.3m
Armour: Steel with Sapphire and composite sandwich
Power Source: Fusion Bottle
Propulsion: 10 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed: 110kph

Offensive weapon systems are extensive with lasers in two calibres and an auto cannon
Max Lift: 0.5 metre
Amphibious: No
Crew: 3
Offensive Systems:

The frontal aspect showing the front emplacement of the point defence system and the auto cannon in its limited mount
Main Gun: Heavy Laser;
Secondary Weapons: Turret mounted Medium Laser; Front mounted Auto Cannon
Defensive Systems: Anti Buzz Bomb Point defence units
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating High
In use with: Thunderbolt Division
The Maus opens fire against multiple targets
The Panzerkampfwagen 60 "Maus" is Henschel's answer to Icarus Industry's Blower, as employed by Hammer's Slammers.

It is a very heavy tank design employing some of the best features taken from other vehicle systems. Fast and with a greater number of (very well protected) fans than the Icarus "Blower" for increased redundancy, they duct into a steel plenum chamber on top of which sits an armoured hull which employs a revolutionary amalgamation of materials. The facing is 10cm of hardened, ballistic steel followed by a mixture of sapphire rods formed into a matrix with resins and other composites. In places - on the turret front, for example - this matrix is up to two metres thick and well sloped. Finally, the 'sandwich' is completed by a backing of more ballistic steel.

The main weapon is a heavy laser with a 17cm, Ruby wave guide. The turret roof also features a 3cm, remote controlled medium laser, employed mostly for air/artillery defence and anti personnel work. In addition to these offensive systems, the Maus also employs an auto cannon for use against lighter armoured targets or 'soft skins'. This is mounted at the front of the vehicle in a limited mount.

The AI package is extensive as is the Anti-buzz-bomb, point defence system. Henschel's Maus is less expensive than the Icarus industry product and, consequently, is in use by mercenary companies who's budgets and contracts do not stretch to those of the Slammers.
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