Hover Jeep
Stoat; Weasel (with Goliath Units)

Two "Stoats"
Manufacturer: Giat, Trantarren
Mass: 1.8 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 3.8m; width 2.1m; height (to top of hull) 2.2m
Armour: None
Body: Steel
Power Source: Ion battery, requiring recharge (usually from fusion bottle)
Propulsion: Beryllium re-enforced fabric skirt blown by internal fans
Top Speed: 140kph

The rear of a "Stoat"
Max Lift: 0.5 metres
Amphibious: Yes
Cargo capacity: Up to 12 persons or 1.75 tonnes
Crew: 1-3
Offensive Systems:

An anti-tank missile system: the "Weasel" and a "Goliath" unit
Various, including mounts Flechette Machine Gun.
Weasel variant mounts 9 round anti-armour missile system and may control up to 2 "Goliath" units.
Goliath is a small, remotely controlled missile delivery system which mounts a 4 round anti-armour missile system
Defensive Systems: None
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating None to Low (Medium on Weasel variant)
In use with: Widespread, including Compagnie de Barthe
The basic ACV jeep - the "Stoat"
In widespread use, this air ACV is lacking in armour but carries a suitable complement of infantry or can be equipped for offensive use with the missile systems mentioned above.

Up to two 'Goliath' units can be controlled and between them and the 'Weasel' they can deal a knock out blow to even the heaviest tank, saturating their point defence.
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