The Compagnie de Barthe

2cm Tri-barrel powergun
Well trained and well equipped mercenaries like the Compagnie de Barthe are hired by indigenous populations to oppose other mercenary groups like the Slammers.

Barthe infantry are armed with flechette weapons and support guided missiles. They wear ceramic body armour, and are equipped with 2cm Tri-barrel powergun support weapons.

Infantry are armed with flechette weapons
Infantry are armed with flechette weapons

This well equipped unit employs top of the range vehicles including the Panther Tank and Hetzer, Rommel and Marder tank destroyers.
Panther Tank
For air and anti artillery defence the Compagnie de Barthe is equipped with 3cm Calliopes. Infantry move around in the Puma APC and a number of fast wheeled vehicles and jeeps. Puma APC
Convoy of Infantry with Puma Command, Stoat and Weasel jeeps and Goliath units
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