Schutzenpanzerwagen 28 (and 31) "Hetzer" Tank Destroyer

The low profile of the Hetzer
Manufacturer: Henschel, Terra
Mass: 35 (38) tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 6.6m; width 3.2m; height 1.9m
Armour: Iridium/Ceramic composite
Power Source: Fusion bottle
Propulsion: Internal fans blowing a Beryllium re-enforced fabric skirt
Top Speed: 105kph
Max Lift: 0.5 metres
Amphibious: Yes
Crew: 2
Offensive Systems:

Hetzer from above
5cm Powergun (28) or a 15cm CAP (Combustion Assisted Plasma) (31) weapon.
Secondary Weapon: 2cm Tri-barrel
Defensive Systems: Limited capacity, Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Medium
In use with: Compagnie de Barthe
Hetzer from rear
The tank destroyer design has many advantages but also some drawbacks. The limited movement of the main weapon is - with an ACV - largely (though not completely) offset by the manoeuvrability afforded by the propulsion and lift system of a 'blower'.

The Schutzenpanzerwagen 28 (and 31) "Hetzer" has been used to mount a number of weapons including the 5cm HV (High Velocity) powergun on the model 28 and the 15cm CAP (Combustion Assisted Plasma) gun on the model 31. This latter weapon gives better penetration against armour but is less effective against soft skin targets (not the Hetzer's usual adversary).

Its low profile makes it hard to detect and harder to hit but fighting conditions are cramped. Henschel are working on a larger tank destroyer to much the same pattern mounting a larger weapon to replace the Hetzer.

This manufacturer specialises in Tank Destroyers and has several others on its books including the Rommel and the Marder
Thunderbolt Division support a Hetzer and Rommell tank destroyers
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