St Chamond Heavy Tank Destroyer

The St Chamond mounts its main gun very low to the ground
Manufacturer: Icarus Industries and FAMH, Terra
Mass: 120 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 9.m; width 4.1m; height (to top of hull) 2m
Armour: Cast Iridium
Power Source: Fusion bottle
Propulsion: 8 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed: 130kph
Max Lift: 0.5 metres
Amphibious: No
Crew: 2
Offensive Systems:

Main Weapon: 15cm Powergun
Secondary Weapon: Flechette MG or 2cm Tri-barrel Powergun; Ground penetrator rockets
Defensive Systems: Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Very High
In use with: Baffin's/Broglie's Legion
The driver's position is set well back which aids crew survivability
FAMH have worked on the Icarus Industries tank hull to make this impressive heavy, turret-less tank destroyer.

FAMH had originally planned to fit a larger calibre weapon than the 15cm powergun fitted to the St Chamond.
Commanders often fit a gun shield for use when they are not "buttoned up"
Internal stowage space is very limited

However even with the anti-mine mortar system removed and the driver's position moved backwards over a metre, space within the hull was so severely restricted that even fitting a 20cm powergun was too tight a squeeze.
Rear view of "Jelly Belly"
The 15cm weapon is scarcely less powerful than the 20cm fitted to a turreted “Blower” and so the St Chamond is a popular vehicle offering a hard to hit, low profile tank destroyer with a massively armoured hull in a cheaper package than a turreted tank.
The lack of a turret affects the flexibility of the main weapon but this is largely - though not entirely - negated by the ACV layout (which enables the whole vehicle to be rotated quickly on its air-cushion) and the cupola mounted tri-barrel power gun fitted to later vehicles. Front view of the St Chamond
Legion Tank Destroyers hulls are usually painted an overall olive green. The St Chamond's crew of two have limited internal stowage space. The Tank's Main gun, a short barrelled (3m long) 15cm Powergun has around 1000 rounds for the main gun, with 30 rounds of main ammo in a 'ready bin'.
The 15cm power gun seems particularly susceptible to barrel wear. The hull of the St Chamond is manufactured from cast iridium and the vehicle is powered by a fusion power plant at the hull rear. Command vehicles are externally indistinguishable but carry a third crew member. Side view showing (overflowing) external stowage rack
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