SdKfz 28 "Puma" and
SdKfz 28c "Puma Command"

The Puma APC
Manufacturer: Henschel, Terra
Mass: 22 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 6.4m; width 3.7m; height 3.0m
Armour: Steel with Steel/Sapphire appliqué areas
Power Source: Gas Turbine
Propulsion: Internal fans blowing a Beryllium re-enforced fabric skirt
Top Speed: 100 kph
Max Lift: 0.5 metres
Amphibious: Yes
Crew: Puma: 2 (+ 10 person Infantry squad)
Puma Command: 4
Offensive Systems:
1 Buzz bomb tube (none on Command Version)

The Puma Command vehicle - not lack of armaments
Defensive Systems: Flechette Machine Gun (none on Command Version)
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Low (High on Command Version)
In use with: Compagnie de Barthe
The Puma APC with remote control Flechette MG and Buzz-bomb tube

The Puma is a very lightly armoured but nevertheless successful APC in use with a number of Mercenary companies. It features a remotely controlled weapons system and carries a full infantry squad over a variety of terrain.

The command version, though unarmed, offer the same level of mobility and protection. These vehicles are now generally replacing wheeled APC's where possible in most Mercenary units.

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