Slammers "Command Car"

The Command Car in position, with 2cm tri-barrel
Manufacturer: Icarus Industries, Terra
Mass: 34 tonnes (or as high as 46 tonnes with add on armour packs)
Dimensions Hull: length 7.m; width 3.m; height 3.2m
Armour: Ceramic, Iridium Composite.
Power Source: Fusion Bottle
Propulsion: 12 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed: 120kph

Rear access is good and the crew cabin is comfortable allowing personnel to stand to full height
Max Lift: 1 metre
Amphibious: Yes
Crew: 4
Offensive Systems:
Defensive Systems: 2cm Tri-barrel Powergun; Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Very High
In use with: Hammer's Slammers
The Command Car is a large, slab sided target and - as such - tends to be employed in rear echelon positions
Command Cars are essential to the command structure of the regiment and are based on Combat Car bodies. They weigh 34 tonnes and have a fully enclosed rear area for the extensive AI and communications suite

The vehicle has a 2cm Tri-barrel for local defence but - because of its value and vunerabilty - is only employed in positions heavily supported by other vehicles

The Command Car features the usual strips of explosive armour for anti-personnel and buzz-bomb point defence. Lifted by 12 smaller fans and much lighter and a little faster than the tanks, the Command Car can cross open water and can raise itself on thrust alone to over a metre from the ground to clear terrain obstacles.

Other vehicles which use the same basic body include a 15cm Rocket Howitzer (now fazed out of use with the Slammers, superseded by the 20cm version based on the heavier tank hull), ammo haulers and other armoured transports, tank destroyers (like the Marder and Jaeger) and others ADFV's have been based on this chassis, though not all are in use by the regiment but are employed by other forces.
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