Schutzenpanzerwagen 38t "Marder" Tank Destroyer

The Marder tank destroyer - a very effective weapon in the right circumstances
Manufacturer: Henschel, Terra
Mass: 43 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 7.m (not including weapons); width 3.m; height (to top of main gun shield) 2.9m
Armour: Ceramic, Iridium Composite. Side crew compartment protected by a Splinter shield made from beryllium mesh
Power Source: Fusion bottle
Propulsion: 12 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed:

Three quarter view showing gun shield

Rear view showing breech and defensive tribarrel
Max Lift: 0.5 metres
Amphibious: No
Crew: 4
Offensive Systems:
Main Weapon: 25cm Heavy Rail Gun (gauss weapon firing penetrating, non explosive shells)
Defensive Systems: Rear facing 2cm Tri-barrel
Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines, Mine-clearing net launcher
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Medium
In use with: Compagnie de Barthe
The Marder emplaced with supporting vehicles has the barrel raised for an optimistic long shot
Henschel tried this conversion on the "surplus" Icarus Industries Combat Car .

Crew space is cramped with the breech of the large, 25cm Heavy Rail Gun taking up most of the rear fighting compartment. Overhead protection for the crew is poor and side armour only a little better and the Marder has, in consequence, not found favour with many mercenary companies.

The main weapon uses a gauss system to fire penetrating, non explosive shells. This gives good penetration against armour but is less effective against soft skin targets. The rear mounted tri-barrel Power gun is useful against infantry and 'soft skin' targets but only in a limited arc.

The Marder is now too heavy to retain its amphibious ability, but has the fire power to take on all but the biggest tanks and the speed to - with luck - avoid them. The rear mounted tri-barrel is a useful defensive addition.
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