Slammers "Blower Hog"

The "Hog" opens fire
Manufacturer: Icarus Industries, Terra
Mass: 162 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 9.m; width 4.1m; height (to top of turret) 3.0m
Armour: Cast Iridium
Power Source: Fusion Bottle
Propulsion: 8 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed: 110kph

The 20cm rocket howitzer and its ammunition leaves little room in the vehicle for stowage, hence the external racks for crew 'kit'
Max Lift: 0.5 metre
Amphibious: No
Crew: 4 (plus two in support vehicle)
Offensive Systems:

An automated conveyer rack is fitted over the rear cooling radiator
Main Gun: 15cm (later upgraded to 20cm) artillery howitzer. Rocket assisted shells firing conventional HE, penetrator, cluster, gas and nuclear rounds
Secondary Weapon: 2cm Tri-barrel Powergun
Defensive Systems: Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines; Mine-clearing net launcher
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Very High
In use with: Hammer's Slammers
The turet is comparatively lightly armoured
Based on a Blower tank hull, the "Hog" Artillery piece is of vital importance for many contracts undertaken by Colonel Hammer.

The current vehicle has entirely replace the earlier 15cm howitzer (based on a Combat Car Chassis) in use in the Slammers regiment, although earlier models were equipped with the same 15cm weapon as the earlier vehicle. This vehicle is able to operate closer to the front line as the tank hull offers greater crew protection.

The turret is comparatively lightly armoured, though, with space for ready rounds and crew being a high priority. A 2cm Tri-barrel Powergun is fitted for local protection, though is rarely used.

Although the vehicle does not feature items like ground penetrator rockets (as fitted to the Blower tank - their space is taken up with more artillery ammunition) the vehicle does have the anti-buzz bomb point defence strips.

Space for crew stowage internally is limited and this is not helped by the lack of a turret bustle (fitting of which would impede the loading of ammunition). Racks are provided outside of the vehicle for kit.

Loading of artillery rounds from the ammo hauler trucks that support the artillery pieces is eased by the automated conveyer rack fitted over the rear cooling radiator.
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