Schutzenpanzerwagen 17 "Swine" Artillery Howitzer

The short, Rocket Assisted, launch tube
Manufacturer: Henschel, Terra
Mass: 45 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 6.65m; width 3.1m; height 3.5m
Armour: Steel/Ceramic composite
Power Source: Gas Turbine
Propulsion: Internal fans blowing a Beryllium re-enforced fabric skirt
Top Speed: 80 kph
Max Lift: 0.5 metres
Amphibious: No
Crew: 3
Offensive Systems:
Rear view of the Swine
Main Weapon: short barrelled, rocket howitzer firing 22cm shells in the following types: conventional HE, penetrator, cluster, gas and nuclear rounds
Secondary Weapon: Medium Laser
Defensive Systems: None
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating High
In use with: Compagnie de Barthe
Swine in action
The Schutzenpanzerwagen 17 "Swine" Artillery Howitzer is an older design and is still in use due mainly to the calibre of its main weapon: 22cm.

This weapon fires a mixture of rounds: cluster, self forging, penetrator, HE, poison gas and 'Red Pills' - nuclear rounds for use against targets that don't have nuclear dampening.

Mounted on what is essentially an armoured ACV lorry, they are supported in use by ACV or wheeled ammo haulers.
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