Slammers "Jeep"

Firing the auto grenade launcher
Manufacturer: F.N., Friesland
Mass: 2 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 3.7m; width 2m; height (to top of hull, weapons and screens etc folded) 1.1m
Armour: None
Body: Steel
Power Source: Energy cell, requiring recharge (usually from fusion bottle)
Propulsion: 3 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed:

Jeep with auto grenade launcher guards a valuable installation
Jeep from above showing pintel mount position
Max Lift: 2 metres
Amphibious: Yes
Cargo capacity: Up to 4 persons or 1.1 tonnes
Crew: 1-3
Offensive Systems:

Jeep with cover raised and screen up featuring twin 2cm powerguns in a 'K' mount
Various, including mounts for: 2cm tribarrel; auto grenade launcher; twin 2cm powergun 'K' mount; 10cm mortar; buzz bomb racks

Jeep with 10cm mortar and side mount tri-barrel power gun
Defensive Systems: Various.
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Low to medium
In use with: Widespread, including Hammer's Slammers
Jeeps and skimmers in convoy
The Fabrique National A21 1100k Load Platform and Weapons Carrier - more usually called a "Jeep" (for obvious reasons) - is in ubiquitous usage amongst better equipped mercenary units and other military and civilian areas.
Jeep with auto grenade launcher
The Jeep has no independent "engine" of it's own, utilising power stored in ion batteries to drive it's fans into a steel plenum chamber. The batteries can be charged from any power source - though this can be a lengthy business taking as much as 36 hours from low voltage, domestic supplies. In use with the Slammers regiment, these vehicles are usually recharged when at rest from the fusion bottles of Blower tanks in less than three hours.

The variety of weapon systems mounted in this vehicle is vast, but include: Auto grenade launchers, buzz bomb racks, 10cm mortars, twin 'K', tri-barrels and other Power gun mounts in various locations (pintel, side, front etc).

Other companies fit weapons as large as 3cm twin Power guns and occasionally use the jeep to tow larger weapons.

The Slammers also regularly use the Jeep to fit electronic suites for specialist functions: location detection, reconnaissance etc
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