Slammers "Skimmer"

Skimmers in the attack supported by the auto grenade launcher of a jeep
Manufacturer: F.N., Friesland
Mass: 0.6 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 2.1m; width 0.9m; height (to top of control bars when fully extended) 1.5m
Armour: None
Body: Steel and aluminium
Power Source: Energy cell, requiring recharge (usually from fusion bottle)
Propulsion: 2 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed: 250kph

A Skimmer and infantry rider in the "Fast Attack" mode
Max Lift: 6000 metres
Amphibious: Yes
Cargo capacity: Up to 2 persons or 0.5 tonnes
Crew: 1
Offensive Systems:

A Skimmer and infantry rider in the "Reconnaissance" mode
Limited: usually none but sometimes found with buzz bomb racks for up to 4 buzz bombs
Defensive Systems: none
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Low to medium
In use with: Widespread, including Hammer's Slammers
Like the regiment's Jeeps, "Skimmers" are made by Fabrique National and are the Slammers' answer to individual infantry mobility. They are one man vehicles with a pair of fans, a small skirt and no armour.

Made from composites and powered by battery (charged up, usually, from the power unit on a tank or combat car) they are capable of independent flight with a ceiling only governed by combat necessity - though in practicality they stay low.

They have moveable position handlebars to enable them to be ridden standing up, sitting down or lying almost prone. Weapons - usually buzz-bombs - can be clipped to the bodywork but firing from them is tricky - especially when moving.
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