Hammer's Slammers Regiment

Hammer's Slammers stress combined operations: here a Blower tank provides long range cover for a "Hog" - an artillery weapon while a mortar jeep shelters in the cover provided by the mass of over 300 tonnes of Iridium armour CLICK HERE: to go to Slammers BlowersCLICK HERE: to find out more about Slammers JeepsCLICK HERE: to find out more about Slammers Hogs
The Regiment is a mercenary force under the command of Alois Hammer numbering some 5000 effective personnel.

The Slammer's Regiment comprises some of the best trained, best equipped, nastiest and most expensive mercenaries around. They fight as mechanised infantry and armoured battalions using state of the art equipment.

There is an HQ Battalion with HQ, Maintenance, Communications, Medical, Supply, Transport, Engineer and Recreational Companies. Hammer's Body Guard are called the White Mice. They act as Military Police and are under the command of Joachim Steuben, Hammer's 'right hand man'.
"Eight Ball" - a Combat Car in one of the Slammer's units - guards a valuable installation

There is a Combat Car Battalion with eight Companies of four line platoons each of Combat Cars. Each Platoon has 6 vehicles - 5 Combat Cars and a Command Car. There is a Tank Battalion with four Tank Companies. Each company has a Command Tank and four platoons. Each platoon has four Tanks.

There is also an Infantry Battalion. Four companies, each of four platoons, each platoon with four ten man squads. Each platoon has a command element and was also equipped with three jeeps (again ACV's) carrying a mixture of support weapons.
A Tank platoon supported by a Command Car platoon get ready to move out. Bunched  up far too closely they begin to move through an industrial area. Tanks features are named "Sneezy", "Grumpy" and "Snow White"CLICK HERE: to find out more about Slammers Recovery vehicleCLICK HERE: to go to Slammers BlowersCLICK HERE: to find out more about Slammers TanksCLICK HERE: to find out more about Slammers Combat Cars
Hammer's forces didn't use APC's (although their opponents often did). Instead - 0ther than jeep mounted troops - all infantry ride personal, one-man 'skimmers'. These are single occupant vehicles that like a flying 'wet-bike'.

Although skimmers and jeeps are capable of rising from the ground quite a distance, In the combat area they - of course - stay low, like everything else.

There is an Artillery Battalion of around eighteen self propelled rocket assisted howitzers split into three batteries.

Lastly, there is a Replacement Battalion The time period is set during the active, 'mercenary' period for the Slammers: ie before the regiment becomes the standing army of Friesland.

Units assault into 'hot' LZ's using various methods including the Obadiah: a battalion capacity armoured combat lander.
The Slammer's emblem - flown as a pennant - is a red lion on a yellow background. Vehicle numbers are usually in red on the front skirts. Slammers emblem - the lion can be seen facing in either direction
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