Vehicle information:


The rear of several combat cars and a command car showing various markings
Most - if not all - of the Regiment's vehicles were named by their crews.

Sometimes this was a 'formal' name: for example Joachim Steuben's combat car (from Alpha Company - the White Mice) is numbered 116 on the side skirts - his call sign is "Alpha-one-six". The car has a white mouse, pink eyes, nose and tail painted under the driver's hatch on the nose.
Big Beautiful Doll

Boiler Maker

Calamity Jane

Other, less 'explicit' names for blowers and combat cars include:

Two Star
Susie Q
The Plough
Hermans Whore
Daisey Belle
Hula Girl
Honey Girl
Gangbuster II
Dixie Dyke
Dar es Salaam
Queen City.

Often, the name is accompanied by a pictorial reference. For example, Flamethrower (above) has a Wyvern (belching flames from all of its orrifices) painted on the side of the Combat Car.

Crew names on Eight Ball Grond
Exterminator Passion Wagon
Eight Ball
False Courage

The Flying Undertaker

Salem Representative
Shady Lady

Snow White

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