Slammers "Walrus" CEV (Combat Engineering Vehicle)

Walrus firing its laser
Manufacturer: Icarus Industries, Terra
Mass: 121 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length (including dozer blade, excluding crane) 9.3m; width 4.1m; height (to top of turret, crane folded) 3.0m
Armour: Cast Iridium
Power Source: Fusion Bottle
Propulsion: 8 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed: 110kph
View of rear dozer blade
Max Lift: 0.5 metre
Amphibious: No
Crane Lift: 200 tonnes
Crew: 2
Offensive Systems:
Main Gun: 18cm Heavy Laser
Secondary Weapon: None
Ground penetrator rockets
Defensive Systems: Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines; Mine-clearing net launcher
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating Very High
In use with: Hammer's Slammers
Dozer blade in use with infantry in support
Based on a Blower tank hull, the "Walrus" Combat Engineering Vehicle employs its features to support emplacement of other vehicles in the field and attack enemy defensive complexes that are problematic to regular tank and artillery fire.

The Walrus is lighter than a regular tank owing to its far les substantial turret.

Its 18cm Heavy Laser is capable of sustained fire for cutting away at defensive structures and the dozer blade is utilised in digging in tanks into a 'hull down' position and erecting defensive berms.

The crane is useful in general construction work and for lifting heavy vehicles. The Walrus carries an extra supply of ground penetrating rockets for "bunker busting" and its anti-mine capabilities are enhanced.

Lacking defensive weapon systems other than point defence strips, the Walrus needs to operate closely supported by other vehicles.
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