Slammers "CRV" (Command Car Recovery Vehicle)

Combat Recovery Vehicle works in many  arduous conditions
Manufacturer: Icarus Industries, Terra
Mass: 34 tonnes (or as high as 46 tonnes with add on armour packs)
Dimensions Hull: length 7.m; width 3.m; height to top of crane 4.2m
Armour: Ceramic, Iridium Composite.
Power Source: Fusion Bottle
Propulsion: 12 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed:

Central to the Combat Recovery Vehicle is the crane mechanism

Central to the Combat Recovery Vehicle is the crane mechanism
Max Lift: 1 metre
Amphibious: Yes
Crane Lift: 60 tonnes
Crew: 3
Offensive Systems:

Defensive Systems: Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating

Stowage space is at a premium

Also valuable is the winch mechanism for pulling non-ACV vehicles
In use with: Hammer's Slammers
The Combat Recovery Vehicle can also tow a trailer
Based on a Combat Car hull, this Recovery vehicle is an essential item for the Slammers regiment when in operation in the field.

Since ACV cannot easily be towed (though, at the risk of damaging the plenum chamber, they may be dragged very short distances) the crane is used to lift Combat Cars, Command Cars, jeeps and other smaller vehicles onto a large, 'flat bed' ACV trailer. This can be towed behind the Recovery vehicle.

Blower tanks almost always use dedicated Tank recovery vehicles which are based on a tank hull with a stronger crane and utilise a larger, wheel-less, ACV trailer, towed behind said vehicle. In situations where these specialised vehicles are unavailable, multiples of Combat Car Recovery vehicles have pulled tanks onto tank trailers but this requires at least four recovery vehicles.
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