The K'hiff Homeworld

Hurate's World - a green and pleasant land
The K'hiff occupy the Volans star system and - technically speaking - their homeworld is Volans 9, the second of only two habitable planets of the system.

Around three decades earlier a Friar Guiseppi Hurate led an unsuccessful missionary team in its attempt to bring "The Book of The Way" to the Volans system. In consequence, Volans 9 was titled Hurate's World and the system named Hurate's Folly by every one but the ruling elite of The Church of the Lord's Universe.

The position of Hurate's World
A K'hiff with flechette light assault weapon The K'hiff are the Indigenous population of Hurate's World. Canine humanoids, these people eek out a meagre existance in their forested world, practicing their Karr-shace religion and (recently) defending themselves against an invasion supported by mercenaries - Hammer's Slammers.

They have a rich world in terms of minerals, medicinal plants and oils and have used this wealth to buy their way to interplanetary travel and interstellar trade. This has, unfortunately, attracted the attention of those humans who view Hurate's World as ripe for exploitation and its people an inconvenience.
A K'hiff with buzz-bomb and flechette rifle
The K'hiff mostly live a simply agrarian lifestyle but their ruling elite and religious leaders have harnessed their people's natural, tribal ferocity and purchased weapons: flechette weapons and the occasional Powergun - often used by snipers or elite troops. Supplemented by Buzz-bombs and multi shot grenade launchers, the K'hiff have fought long, hard and bitterly against the 'off-worlder' humans and were keeping them at bay with a mostly guerilla style war until the corporations hired mercenaries: Hammer's Slammers.

In response, the K'hiff have hired their own mercenary companies: the Compagnie de Barthe and the Thunderbolt Division. Either of these on their own are no match for the Slammers but together they may cause them real headaches. And when they are supported by the fierce K'hiff themselves… it looks like Colonel Alois Hammer has his work cut out.
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