Flakpanzerwagen 12 "Vulcan" Anti-Aircraft & Artillery system

The Twin "Gatling", 6 Barrelled 3cm Powerguns provide effective arial defence
Manufacturer: Henschel, Terra
Mass: 56 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 7.m (not including weapons); width 3.m; height 3.7m
Armour: Ceramic, Iridium Composite
Power Source: Fusion bottle
Propulsion: 12 fans feeding into steel plenum chamber
Top Speed: 100kph
Max Lift: 0.5 metres
Amphibious: No
Crew: 2
Offensive Systems:

A close up of the Twin "Gatling", 6 Barrelled 3cm Powerguns
Twin "Gatling" (6) Barrelled 2cm Powerguns.
Defensive Systems: Anti Buzz Bomb strip Mines, Mine-clearing net launcher
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating High
In use with: Thunderbolt Division
Great efforts have been made to retain a reasonably low profile for this vehicle, however the wide and low turret does demonstrate some unfortunate 'shot traps'
Having tried a conversion on the "surplus" Icarus Industries Combat Car with the Marder and the Jaeger, Henschel decided to try using the hull to mount an air defence variant.

The Vulcan is too heavy to retain its amphibious ability, but has the fire power and AI unit to provide effective protection from air and artillery attack. The twin "Gatling" 2cm Power guns are a useful alternative to a calliope in the air-defence mode and also make a very effective weapon against lighter armed vehicles and can - with luck - damage even the biggest tanks.

As the Combat Car chassis is, however, not armoured to the same degree as a tank, the Vulcan - a valuable resource in most mercenary companies - tends to be deployed a little to the rear of the front line.
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