Battlefield Tag Tours
We are Werelords, hear us howl. Not... In country... Give me your war face? I'm not convinced: work on it! Our team of ultimate bad asses will protect you... Before the off How can you shoot women and children? With a stick? Thinly veiled threat Gunnie Penver The innevitable bunnies ears Belt up: clunk clik etc etc Pete and Shane prepare to go to war Pete can't believe he's here Pete looks shocked... Veil of Tears Shutting the door after the stable belt has bolted
Almost twenty years after the last use of ‘Tatsfield Woods’ as they were known at the time,
some of the old crew made a return visit to the area to see what they remembered.
What they didn’t remember much of were map reading skills...
Mammy... how I luv ya, how I luv ya etc etc