The Werelords... Over three decades of doing this sort of stuff
Take no prisoners Live Roleplay
We do a degree of running around in the woods shooting TV hand controls and play acting... Nowadays we tend to call these ‘Lazertag’ (or - if you’re speaking to someone on this side of the pond ‘Lasertag’) but we used to call these ‘Squirties’ as we’ve been doing them over twenty years and - back in the day - we started off using water pistols. We graduated to infrared guns in 1987 and haven’t looked back since. Except to check over our shoulders for the police...
We play all sorts of squirty games in lots of different periods, historical and non historical. But most of them involve silly costumes...
Exterminate all squirty players The Boys are back in town
Space Patrol
Lazertag that we’ve been involved with
Old Tag
Crazy little thing called love CLICK HERE TO COME HOME Kev's drinking became a real problem and so he had to give up laser tag...
Some old tag photos
Pete is just a big fruit. Eater.
Battlefield Tour 20 years on
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