The Werelords... Over three decades of doing this sort of stuff
One of the best examples of a co- operative game was the Cloudships of Mars game. Some wrote, other painted, built stuff, sculpted and so on.
The crew of a Locust Class British Gunboat Painting
We mostly paint our own toys! We don’t always do this, mind you. Sometimes we’ll buy ready painted toy figures to use in a game though mostly we’ll spruce them up a little. But generally we paint our own figures. Click on the pictures to take you to the link.
We all paint our toys to varying standards and using different approaches. Those range from painting with a credit card (ie paying someone else to do it) to painting to the very highest standard. See if you can work out which is which...
Painting guides for Daleks How to paint vehicles fast and dirty with spray cans and putty Painting and building Titan's secret kingdom of fishy goodness How to paint vehicles properly with air brushes and patience Amon Sul Figures painted specifically for Cloudships
War of the Daleks
Apex Dragoons
Amon Sul
Cloudships figures
CLICK HERE TO COME HOME Sam by Kevin Dallimore Smeagol by Kevin Dallimore Nazgul by Kevin Dallimore Saruman by Kevin Dallimore Old Tom Bombadil was a merry fellow. Hard encrusted his arteries were, and his urine was yellow - all because of the cholesterol in his diet. Painted by Kevin Dallimore Radagast by Kevin Dallimore Ogre by Kevin Dallimore
Concerning Hobbits 1 Painting Hobbits & Smeagol
Concerning Hobbits 2.1 Painting Hobbits & Aragorn
Concerning Hobbits 2.2 Painting Nazgull
Meddle not... 1 Painting the Istari
Meddle not... 2 Painting the Istari
Fog on the Barrow Downs Painting Tom, Goldberry & wights
Painting an Ogre Bull Big Blue in 28mm
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