The Werelords... Over three decades of doing this sort of stuff
The work we do tends to be cooperative both in terms of the way we generate a game, all of us working towards a common goal, and the sort of games we play.
Sniper on board deck for US ship in Cloudships of Mars Rules & Rule Systems
Sometimes we produce rules or systems and parts of rules. This is where you can get links to these. Some will be web pages, some PDFs (for which you’ll need an Acrobat reader). Click on the pictures to take you to the link.
Rules for the War of the Daleks
We play all sorts of games in lots of different periods, historical and non historical. Use the Games link above or go quickly to a select few using the menu button below
Jack the Ripper Slasher-fest How we did the rules for Cloudships and made the table top game actually playable Adaption of Silent Death for choppers
War of the Daleks
Catch me when you can
Low Level Hell
Cloudships of Mars
CLICK HERE TO COME HOME Rules For Small Unit Actions In Vietnam (1963-75) by Peter Merritt The Lidless Eye: Lord of the Rings Research and Army Lists
Full Metal Jacket Potato
Lidless Eye
Silent Galactica
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