The Werelords... Over three decades of doing this sort of stuff
If companies do make what we want it’s usually in the wrong scale: the call for 28mm ‘scale’ Cloudships is probably limited so we had to plough our own furrow.
The Skylord opens fire on Mars Modelling
We play all sorts of games in lots of different periods and it’s fair to say that - for a lot of what we do - no one “makes the stuff” commercially. That means we spend a lot of time building models of undersea cities etc.
We build models Most of the games require modelling skills - either buildings or sometimes vehicles. Click on the pictures to take you to the link.
The sculpting really is Abominable, yeti has a certain something... 28mm Slammers buildings made from old rubbish and resing extras The undersea city of Titanica made from pipework 28mm Slammers buildings made from vac-form Building the game scenery Building 20mm hooches Building a Martian Fort for Cloudships
War of the Daleks
Slammers buildings
Vac-form ruins
Fords of Isen
Martian Fort
Low Level Hell
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Slammers buildings 2
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