click here to see it big! The Scenery for War of the Daleks was assembled mostly from Ainsty Castings products. The Walls are almost all from the Blastwall ranges with control consoles from Media Collectables and Ainsty, suitably modified where appropriate. Ainsty produced a new line of doors and other accessories for this game and we want to say a big 'thank you' to both manufacturers.

The scenery was glued to boards made from MDF and cut to 355mm square which (with resin shrinkage) allows the (nominal) 60mm (actually around 58mm) tile squares of the Ainsty range to be arranged into a geodesic pattern. Extra floor tiles were made from 3mm sheet plasti-card scored to represent tiling with a specialist tile scoring knife blade that leaves no rough edges but cuts a groove instead. Assembly was mostly using that fine DIY product "No more nails" - certainly one of the strongest, non-epoxy glues in existence!

The boards were finished was with aerosol spray car paints in various silvers and other metallics and then airbrushed in grey and black. Finally, they were dry-brushed silver to bring out the detail. Control consoles had detailing added from colour print outs via a computer with an inkjet printer.

Click on images below to see examples of the scenery, both finished and in the process of being constructed.