click here to see it big!War of the Daleks used material from a number of manufacturers:

1/35th scale Daleks and other figures, along with some scenery items were by Media Collectables. Media have ceased trading but the remaining stock has been puchased by another company: more information and links as they appear. They are still regularly available on eBay.

28mm scale Daleks that would fit the scenery can be purchased from Black Tree who still appear to have some in stock.

Another new range of Daleks, Cybermen and so forth have been produced by Corgi. These are ready painted and in various scales but they manufacture a Cyberman, a Davros and Daleks in something around 1/30th scale - sized between the Product Enterprises figures and the Media Collectables ones. Although Corgi only make one sort of Dalek type (later) and colour (blue and silver) a maufacturer called Galaxy4 has a special limited edition set of a later grey dalek with a black and a red leader. So you should be able to play a game with only minimum repainting!!

In the same scale as the media collectables (1/35th) come Black and Gold new Daleks plus new Cybermen from Forbidden Planet and elsewhere, including some conversions.

1/25th scale 'Toy' Daleks are from Product Enterprises and are now available as talking Daleks...

Most of the resin scenery came from Ainsty Castings.

Usefull graphics of Daleks can be had on Graham Walters' Dalek Extermination page, Redder's Dalek Website or the Dalek 3D Resource page. Some very interesting information on building your own full sized Dalek (with knock on information on build detail and colour schemes) can be found at Dalek City.

Another link to some nice 3D computer Dalek work is at Rob's 3D Dr Who Images.

Sheet plastic card in industrial sizes (1370mm x 660mm) and thicknesses (3mm) -as used for the floor tiles -at reasonable cocts can be hade from:
Film Sales: 145 Nathan Way Industrial Estate Woolwich London SE28 0BE Telephone: 020 8311 2000 - no web address.

You can also see lots of painted Doctor Who models - including some used on this site - by figure painter Kevin Dallimore

The game itself is run by members of the South London Warlords and appeared first at Salute Zero Two and bowed out (for a while at least) at Salute Zero Three.

The Game's most recent apperancein its original format was at Sheffield Tripples 2005

Since then we have run it as Tomb of the Cybermen at Salute 2011