click here to see it big! Doctor Who was, of course, a time travel series and War of the Daleks deals with different factions of Daleks from different points in time, all converging on the long abandoned Dalek homeworld of Skaro to attempt to retrieve or destroy Davros - the original scientist who genetically engineered them from the humanoid Kaleds, and their one time leader.

To understand more of the game, check the History of Time: Doctor Who was never great on continuity but - after a lot of work - the timeline does explain how the Dalek's all get into the game and what their objectives are.

Below are shots of the War of the Daleks game at shows and so forth.

Game in Progress Game in Progress Game in Progress Game in Progress Wider layout Gang upon the Sontarans
Master Plan Tomb Cybermen Sontarans and UNIT UNIT advance    

COLOURS 2004 - Demo game only
Setting up Still setting up "Kill 'em all!" The inevitable cornered Cyberman    

SELWG 2003 - New scenery, Sontarans and Yeti included at a show for the first time
A Yeti is cornered A cyberman is cornered and attacked by Imperial Daleks Cybermen, old and new Ex member Lance Neisen talks to Kevin Dallimore The game gets going Tim makes a deft move
The game takes shape Sontarans Attack! Ready to lift with a Hover Platform The Hover Platform in use (well, hiding round a corner, actually...) Kevin has the chits(and a sore throat to boot...) Sontarans Attack!
Sontarans on the move Commander Tim does a fine impression of Davros Yeti and Daleks engage Yeti try to pull Dalek out of Hover Platform    
Club night in June 2003 - new scenery and Yeti
The new central cross shaped room with raised area A lone Cyberman is discovered waiting patiently in a room Ivan is master of all he surveys - the new layout: note the more crowded central area The raised area Set the controls to release Davros!  
Unusually lit shot of Unit shooting at Yeti The Yeti are set upon by a Dalek (who killed them both) The Yeti are set upon by a Dalek (who killed them both) More Yeti and Dalek mayhem Rear window Yeti  
Salute Zero Three
The Game in Progress "No" says Kevin, "a BLACK cloth" In between games Advertising our whereabouts Different shapes and sizes  
The Game in Progress The Radio Controlled Daleks were, in some ways, better than the full sized one The Radio Controlled Daleks fight it out To stop the players roughly handling the model Daleks we lent them toy ones to fondle (in the correct colours) The Games ready to roll  
Ranks of Dalekanium Shattered...        

Salute Zero Two (and practice games)

players look on in practice game players take part in practice game the ame at Salute Kev Dallimore fondles his object of desire at Salute view from the balconey at Salute  


one player: two transmats - still not a win! Davros in his cell Mick, Tim and Ivan with the game in progress players hard at it Imperial Dalek at the controls  
overhead view of the control room close up of the Supreme Council members at the planning table Davros in his chamber close up of members of the Supreme Council at the planning table ranks of Daleks awaiting the off  
The game in progress The game in progress - Kevin moves a Dalek The game in progress- Ivan explains The game in progress The game in progress  
The game in progress - Ross looks pensive The game in progress - John bangs on about something The game in progress    
Pictures on this page taken by Shane Dallimore, Gerry Houghton, John Treadaway, Ivan Congreve, Carron Congreve, John Merritt, Tim Atkinson and Fraser Gray