The Werelords... Over three decades of doing this sort of stuff
Texian from Slammers Galleries
Sometimes galleries are linked to a specific game - sometimes we just like painting and taking pictures... Click on the pictures to take you to the link.
These pages have links to pretty pictures of figures from games we’ve done or games we intend to play
Lots and lots of pics of Daleks and other 1/35th scale figures from the game Kiss Kiss Bang Bang pictures - secret spy stuff and planes Main Cloudships page - lots of pictures to be had Mak SF3D wierd suits and vehicle pictures Big scale Uruk Hai Low Lever Hell Choppers pictures 28mm Amon Sul paint jobs
War of the Daleks
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Cloudships of Mars
Fords of Isen
Amon Sul
Low Level Hell
Hammer’s Slammers
Slammers galleries page CLICK HERE TO COME HOME Kev's Sherlock Holmes and Watson Gallery Kev's naval Brigade
Sherlock Homes
Naval Brigade
Cruiser in a ball - how mad is that...
Silent Death
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce
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