Low Level Hell - Pix

The pictures on this page represent a significant input of time and effort in research, model making and painting. The models are almost exclustively the work of Graham Green, with some items - vehicles and fixed wing aircraft mainly - by Mick Penver and Kevin Dallimore. Some buildings are by John Treadaway, otherby by Adam Jenkins. Most of the vehicles are currently in the collection of Pete Merritt

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ARA Huey and support gunship Cayuse Chinook Deploying from a Choctaw A Choctaw comes in to land
Cobra Attack Helicopter with Cayuse Scout A B52 has been brought down by enemy fire A Bronco Charlie investigates the B52 Door Gunner on an ARA Huey
A Doorgunner prepares to fire A doorgunner opens fire Firing doorgunner in close up Charlie prepares to return fire A lone Huey
Two Hueys and Scout A Jolly Green Giant The rear of the Jolly - the ramp is down preparing for a rescue mission View in the back of the Jolly Kiowa scout
Medivac Huey Rescue of a downed Huey using a CH54 Tarhe Close up of a CH54 Tarhe Sioux comes under fire Skyraiders get ready to drop a payload
Do they see it coming? - a Bronco sweeps in for the kill Mick's Phantom drops it's guts... A game in progress at Salute 98 You aint nuthin but a Hound dog...  

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