Low Level Hell - Introduction

"When I nod my head - you hit it!"

This web site is based on a pair of articles produced for the show guide and programmes for Salute 97 and Salute 98, run by the South London Warlords. They were intended as a companion pieces to the games we ran at those events.

They were originally conceived to give the reader a quick introduction into the helicopter war in Vietnam. The game is a Party game designed to give an impression of what it was like to fly a helicopter during combat in the Vietnam War, there are several different scenarios that reflect different missions that were carried out by helicopters. It

The game uses a hexed based movement system, the 150mm hexes being drawn by hand on a baize cloth, and features 1/72 scale plastic kit choppers and 20mm scale metal miniatures for the VC. Obviously, if these sizes of vehicles and this much space are not available, the game would translate into a smaller scale.

The rules we will be using are based on an excellent set of space ship combat rules called 'Silent Death' that are marketed by I.C.E. we have added a couple of bits here and taken away a couple of bits there and we think they now give quite a reasonable feel for helicopter actions.

Most helicopter actions seem to have happened at one of two height bands, either the helicopter is high enough to avoid ground fire, this was at about 1500 feet, and was normally used during the journey from their base to the combat zone, or once it arrived at the combat zone, it dropped to heights that allowed it to be hit by most weapons, as such the helicopters on the table are on stands that give a suitable three dimensional impression but do not represent any specific height.

The models, figures and scenery being used are from various manufacturers and have been constructed and painted by various members of the Warlords involved in putting on the game.

There are three other sections in this site - RULES which features pdf files of the two articles that appeared in the programmes, in full, plus play sheets, PIX which is a gallery of pictures of the models, SCENERY which is based on an article about scratch building hooches - and LINKS which is self explanatory (one would hope).

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