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This page contains links to other Vietnam related material.

Fields of Fire Welcome to Fields of Fire the online community catering to the Vietnam wargamer playing table top miniature games and RPGs in this genre. This is our website, which serves more like a news and resource page than a fully functioning website. News, community updates, and links can be found here for all your wargaming needs. Our message board is the life-blood of this community, so be sure to stop by and visit!
Riverbluff Irregulars The Riverbluff guys from Memphis in the US have used these rules to do their Charlie Don't Suft game, which is great (and they play Hammer's Slammers so we're biased!)
Blackwells Blackwells are a UK based scenic retailer. Alongside some (perhaps) less useful dolls house items they sell a large variety of scenic items - flock, trees etc - plus the 'corn' used on the roofs of the hooches.

Email at sales@blackwells-miniatures.co.uk, phone at (UK) 01702 541 555 or browse their website.

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