Introduction In the early nineties the Warlords put on a show game called UFO. It used home-grown rules to represent the action that took place in the classic late sixties Gerry Anderson TV series of the same name. In the series – the first live action show by the Andersons – the earth was being constantly buzzed by aliens in UFOs who were after humans for spare parts surgery and whatnot. The show – though made at the end of the sixties was then set in the far future – 1980. In that 1980 the world was awash with Carnaby Street fashions and a secret organisation (gosh – Gerry did love his secret organisations…) called SHADO – Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation – had been set up to fight the menace. They had four small subs called Skydivers (each capable of sea-launching a fighter aircraft) distributed in the oceans of the world, a network of other earthbound assets including a supply of ‘Mobiles’ – tank like vehicles which could be delivered pretty much anywhere by rapid response aircraft or low loaders, and – crowning glory - ladies in silver suits on the moon in a Lunar base which formed the first line of defence against the body snatching hoards. Coordinated by a large satellite in earth orbit called SID (Space Intruder Detector) the moon-base had defences for it’s own needs but its primary function was to house a supply of Interceptors. These interceptors would be launched, always in three’s, from disguised craters on the surface and had only a short time to accelerate rapidly to meet the rapidly decelerating UFO (or – later on, as the threat increased – multiple UFOs). The interceptor’s primary weapon was a single large missile although the ships seems to have guns as well (though they are never used in the show, they are patently obviously on the models and diagrams). The crews were vectored onto their targets by the staff at Moon-base using information from their own sensors and those of SID to triangulate and determine firing data – all done in a very ‘Soviet 1960’s’ aircraft command and control kind of way. Any UFO’s that get past the interceptors then run a gauntlet of air attacks from the small fighters launched from the Skydiver submarines (they seem to be armed with small rocket pods). If they still get past those they face either underwater attack from the submerged Skydivers if they land in the sea (the subs carry torpedoes) or land attack from Mobiles. The Mobiles also tend to operate in three’s though with a fourth control vehicle. Mobiles are armed with some sort of indirect fire mortar style weapon and a 360 degree turret with a heavy machine gun or light cannon type weapon. They also carry a crew which can deploy and fight which is especially useful if the UFO’s themselves deploy their crews. Aliens and SHADO personnel are armed with small arms, all slug throwing (even though the Alien craft themselves deploy an effective beam weapon). SHADO personnel have access to larger, shoulder launched anti-tank/aircraft style weapons.
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