Materials The Space Combat section of the game uses a black, commercially available “space” hex cloth with a 40mm of so hex as we plan to use the 1/144th scale craft for this part of the action. The UFOs come supplied with small bases which have a directional element (ie that are pointed from one direction) which – as the ships themselves are (or course) circular (as befits a flying saucer) helps when one is trying to determine which way they are facing so we have retained the bases that come with the models. The Interceptors – having got landing skids – come packaged on a neat, black plinth which looks dandy but is no use to game with. These have been stuck on to Games Workshop clear bases. The SID comes with a black, cradle style base and we have retained that in use. Were one to wish to do this part as, say, a demonstration game and could afford to spend a bit more money (perhaps twice as much) one could do the game in 25mm using the Product Enterprises models, though – by the time you had enough UFOs you’ll be selling spare Interceptors on e-bay as you only get one UFO with each Interceptor. Though, they look mighty fine in themselves and – at around £35 to £40 a pop for both models – it is still a proposition worth considering. You’ll need a bigger hex cloth (we have a 75mm hex one just in case) and stronger stands buy – other than that…. For the Sea and Air Combat we intend to use a blue hex cloth the same scale as the black one and, er… that’s about as far as we’ve got at the moment. For the land based action, we intend to use the 1/144th scale Mobiles on 75mm hexed green cloth (which we have, courtesy of our Stingray game). We’ve built some hexed lake areas (sheet plastic and some Heki, water effect rippled plastic) and the area will be heavily wooded to represent the action in the series (unlike in 50’s SF films, UFOs in the series don’t tend to land in the middle of Washington DC, but in remote, often wooded areas, sometimes hiding underwater in lakes). But – again – that’s as far as we’ve got at the moment. If one was to wish to do this in 25mm or so, Product Enterprise’s Mobiles would probably be ideal but the set of 4 required will cost you £140 or so. And you’ll need bigger hexes (we have a 6 inch hex cloth as used in Slammers games if we chose…)
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