Models - Latest News Product Enterprises - manufacturers of the 28mm scale Interceptor/UFO set - are sold out and are now discontinued (as is the company under that name), These superb models are now generally available on eBay etc but are not cheap... All of the Konami models are available again only via eBay. Prices (as of 2012) start at £30 fully painted for interceptor, UFO  or Mobile. The Mobiles from Product Enterprises are now only available via eBay. They are very pleasing (if very dirty...), around 1/43rd (so ‘Dinky/Corgi car scale (unlike the original Dinky mobiles which were closer to 28mm...). The Japanese company Konami have released the UFO diorama boxed set. This time each package will include a fixed set of eleven models in various scales: - a Mobile Transporter + three small Shado Mobiles - a small diorama showing two Shado Mobiles in the forest - three Interceptors with relative hangars and launch platforms - a Moonmobile - a Skydiver - a Sky1 - a Shadomobile - a Lunar Carrier (Lunar Module + Carrier). Expect to pay around £550 (as of 2023)
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