Military Ambulance (Caterham 441)

Compagnie de Barthe medical personnel with a Caterham 441 Ambulance
Manufacturer: Caterham, Britannica
Mass: 1.2 tonnes
Dimensions Hull: length 3.9m; width 2.1m; height 2.2m
Armour: None
Body: Steel
Power Source: Gas Turbine
Propulsion: 4 wheel drive on punctureless tyres
Top Speed:

Caterham 441 from the front aspect
Caterham 441 showing the rear 'loading' door
Cargo capacity: 3 stretcher cases or 8 "walking wounded" or 1.75 tonnes
Crew: 2 (+4 person Infantry squad: see below)
Offensive Systems:
None (except that vehicles such as this have been used as 'Q' Ambulances with a rear mounted 2cm Tri-barrel concealed in the back with up to 4 infantry)
Defensive Systems: None
Artificial Intelligence computer suite rating None to Low
In use with: Widespread, including Compagnie de Barthe, Thunderbolt Division
All mercenary companies of any size employ medical teams and mobile field hospitals. These are serviced by ambulances and other medical vehicles which vary depending on the technology - and funds - available.

Many rear echelon areas (and front line ones with smaller and less well equipped companies) employ wheeled ambulance, like this example from manufacturer Caterham. This is a basic but reliable vehicle which performs its function well.

To avoid being targeted (where such conventions apply or carry weight) it is clearly marked as an ambulance. Some groups do occasionally abuse this convention, however, and it is not unknown for an 'ambulance' to be armed.
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