Hammer's Slammers: Weaponry

A Gauss "Rail Gun" on a tank destroyerRommel tank destroyerACV JeepACV Jeep
A 2cm Tribarrel Power gun The infantry and vehicle personnel - male and female in mixed, equal opportunity groups - often wear ceramic armour, front and back on the torso, and a helmet with communications gear built in and, often, a head up display (especially the vehicle crews).

Weapons are a mixture of fairly 'conventional' weapons and other more exotic ones. Infantry fight with everything from plastic explosive powered, hand loaded muskets (on planets where the local population were banned weapons and were forced to manufacture their own) to much more powerful systems.

An RPG Buzz-bomb being fired
2cm Powergun assault rifle
After 20th century style machine guns and assault rifles (some with bullets made from ceramics), flechette weapons using multiple small projectiles are popular and come in all sizes. Cone-bore (squeeze bore) weapons firing osmium penetrators through barrels made from synthetic diamond work well, and again are manufactured in various calibres from infantry weapons up to smaller anti-tank guns.

Man portable lasers are hard to make effective because of power requirements but back pack weapons are used and larger ones are fitted to larger vehicles and serve in the role of anti-air and anti-artillery defence.

Lastly, Power guns are used by the Slammers and other groups and mercenary companies (Heuvelmans of Friesland make powerguns for the Slammers). They are expensive but, in trained hands, very effective. These fire explosive plasma extracted from black plastic, disk shaped, ammunition 'wafers'.
A 2cm Tri-barrel Power gun
Balistically, the plasma 'bolt' produced by these weapons have a very, very flat trajectory and come in a variety of calibres and layouts.
The male trooper is holding a 2cm Power gun with integral, grenade launcher. The female trooper is holding a 1cm Power gun machine gun. See below.
The weapons are self contained, unlike lasers, needing no external power source, but they do need a cooling system employing liquid nitrogen pumped into the barrel after every shot. Infantry carry 1cm pistols and sub machine guns, or 2cm assault rifles.
A 1cm Power gun machine gun of unusual 'bull-pup' design
Support comes from a 2cm Tri-barrel Power gun (a three barreled, 'gatling' style weapon). On vehicles, this is usually fitted on a ring or pintel mount, with the magazine feed coming up through it's swivel mount.
Vehicles and anti tank weapons use Power guns of other calibres and arrangements: twin 3cm antitank weapons are used, along with 5cm High Velocity weapons. 15cm and 20cm weapons are fitted to the biggest tanks. A 2cm Power gun with integral, grenade launcher and a multi wavelength sensor scope attached
The Slammers 'Blower' main gun is a short barrelled (3m long) 20cm Power gun - although not a 'gatling', otherwise like the cupola mounted weapon but on a bigger scale: The Tank carries around 800 rounds for the main gun, with 20 rounds of main ammo in a 'ready bin'.

Other weapons are also used. Combustion Assisted Plasma weapons (CAP guns) are an attempt to marry the Cone-bore and Power gun technologies with some degree of success. Rail guns are used to throw heavy projectiles by gauss effects and penetrate well but have limited effect on infantry and 'soft skins'.

RPG's (called Buzz Bombs) are carried for man portable and vehicle mounted anti-armour work and defence against them is afforded by strips of command or sensor detonated mines which shred incoming warheads… ideally. The system works well (and can even be used against infantry who get too close to the vehicle in an assault) but it can be overloaded with concerted attack.
A 20cm Power gun firing
These 20 rounds can be fired in as many seconds but if this rate of fire is kept up, barrel damage is likely to occur. This weapon is highly effective against armour, and - as the plasma 'bolt' explodes on impact - is effective against most other targets, however it is not so useful against bunkers and other 'dug in' targets as it has limited penetration: it tends to explode on the first thing it hits and so the 20 shot magazine is used to fast fire the weapon at targets with some 'cover' to eat away at the defences.

Like all Power guns, the Blower's main weapon has a very flat trajectory and the range of this weapon is only limited by line of site. Under central control from HQ it can be used to take out satellites in orbit.
Missile unit

Anti-tank missiles are also used although, being comparatively slow they often fall victim to defensive measures (ven when launched at short range) in the shape of Power gun and laser systems. Longer range missiles, like artillery, are of use only against opponents who do not possess the ability to shield themselves with Power guns and lasers
Artillery fire a mixture of rounds from weapons of between 15cm and 22cm calibre - rocket assisted for range, and 'regular'. Infantry use mortars of around 10cm where appropriate. Munitions for the main artillery "hogs" include: cluster, self forging, penetrator, HE, poison gas and 'Red Pills' - nuclear rounds for use against targets that don't have nuclear dampening fields (a system to render nuclear weapons useless).
Artillery in action
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