Hammer's Slammers: Rolling Hot

The Rolling Hot web page has been overtaken by events!

Following my contact with David Drake - the author of the Hammer's Slammers books - via work on an independent new project not connected with this site, design for some of the vehicles and equipment have changed - see a shot of one of the newly designed Blower Tanks above! More information on these vehicles (by Old Crow) and figures (by GZG) and a new set of quick play rules and a technical manual (by Pireme Publishing) will be available via the official Hammers Slammers website

John Treadaway
April 2005

Hammer's Slammers and it's adjuncts (technically, they can't be sequels as, until recently, they all fell - chronologically speaking - in between the first and last stories of the original book) - describe the environment in the author's dense, violent, 'no-frills' way that makes them, for most people, a hard, gritty read: Drake's war experience in Vietnam comes through loud and clear. Recent stories are set in the period after the last story of the original volume.

The original books are currently out of print, though quite commonly available second hand. Look for the titles Hammer's Slammers; Counting the Cost; Rolling Hot; At Any Price and The Warrior.

In addition they are being reprinted in a new format (with fewer volumes and more stories per book) in the "correct" chronological order. The first volume is called Tank Lords and - following that - are Caught in the Crossfire, The Butcher's Bill and The Sharp End.

The latest book in the hammers Slammers series by David Drake is due out in 2002 and is called Paying the Piper.

Drake has written other stories that are allied to the original work, including Across the Stars, Voyage and Forlorn Hope. The former have stories relating to ex Slammers veterans. The latter deals with another mercenary unit and their struggles and the technology is compatible with the Slammers universe, even if it is not, perhaps, exactly concurrent. Drake gives no indication either way. We have used some elements of the latter book in the game.

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A Slammers column negotiate a river defended by various units including a Tank Destroyer at the Rolling Hot game at Salute 2000
This is the ground they were fighting over: the bridge and industrial complex of the Rolling Hot game at Salute 2000 CLICK HERE: to see close up shots of this bridge Rommel Tank DestroyerSlammers Blower
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